Disaster risk reduction

Public Administrations offices of territorial management face with more and more frequent natural disasters and problems related with environmental risks. Risk reduction can be achieved by applying a number of non-structural measures before and during the predicted event. Early Warning Systems, relying on advanced monitoring and forecasts technologies, help prevent loss of life and reduce the potential socio-economic impact of disasters. In 2002, with these specific objectives in mind, a group of researchers from the University of Genoa, led by Eng. Cosimo Versace, founded ACROTEC. ACROTEC specializes in  eveloping real-time IT systems for disaster risk reduction caused by weather-related meteorological events.

ACROTEC’s mission focuses on “applied research” and the “technology transfer to the industrial market”. This mission is carried out through a close cooperation between computer engineers and scientists dealing with different fields of weather-related risks.

All products developed by ACROTEC are the result of multidisciplinary experiences which then condense into IT systems for real time risk assessment. Both maintenance for all products is guaranteed by 24/7 on-line support and assistance.

ACROTEC, in collaboration with internationally well-known professors, also organizes training courses covering the entire spectrum of disciplines connected to risks.